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Ricardo Lugo

Ricardo Lugo is a psychologist based in Norway with international experience as an applied practitioner, university lecturer, and researcher. He has consulting experience in Norway, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, USA and the UK within elite sports, education, and health. Ric works with individuals and teams from a number of sports including football, golf, skiing, equestrian, basketball and luge and bobsleigh, and at all levels of ability from recreational to elite performer. He collaborates with military organizations as well as professional and amateur sport clubs and professional. Ric also has expertise in experimentation and applied education interventions focused within Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering in cyber domains, where he researched on the interaction of individual aspects of human behaviour (microcognition) incorporating concepts such as self-efficacy, resilience, metacognition, and naturalistic environments (macrocognition) and has published research in number of prestigious scientific journals. Ric also incorporates performance predictors such as time-pressure, risk, ambiguity, and intuitive decision-making. He has also developed applied education interventions that focus on accelerated learning both in sports and in military contexts. Ric’s expertise in predictors of performance under pressure, in high-stake situations and in mental preparation in addition to experimental psychology, have contributed as evidence-based scientific techniques to the development of assessment, research and educational designs. 

Ric has cognitive-behavioural philosophy that is focused on emotion regulation and has training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy(ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBC), and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

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