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Profiling for Performance Preferences

a mind to perform have always been very cautious about the use of profiling tools and personality assessments. In our experiences they can often be used incorrectly, holding people to fixed labels of personality and not used to their full potential. There have been many occasions in which we have worked with teams who had completed assessments in the past, been enthused by the apparent accuracy of the profile and reflected on the fact that it then was confined to a draw for the remainder of the year.


Profiles should not reduce members of your team to narrow descriptions of personality used simply to explain unhelpful behaviour but should instead create a meaningful understanding of individuals, enhance team work and highlight strengths and development opportunities.  We are delighted, therefore, to have established our relationship with Mindflick Ltd and endorsement to provide training using their Spotlight Profile.


Spotlight addresses many of the challenges we have experienced at a mind to perform when considering profiling tools. Spotlight places an importance on a research evidence base and a focus on the performance preferences of individuals, recognising an individuals' ability to demonstrate a number of behavioural styles in different situations. a mind to perform consultants are accredited Spotlight practitioners and deliver training, workshops and one to one sessions specifically tailored to the goals of sport and business teams.


If you are about to begin a new project, have responsibility for a new group or are setting out to achieve a goal that requires the collaboration of a number of team members, then gaining an understanding of their key characteristics and performance preferences can provide both you and them with an important performance advantage. 


Book you place on our next Spotlight for coaches and leaders event.

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